Better than guessing, get to know yourself.

What is this card game about?

The TAROT DE LAGUNA conceived and illustrated by Bran Sólo, is a tool that redesigns the concept of Tarot. Based on psychology, not magic, it is a game of cards for personal development that helps to verbalize the questions that condition our personality.
It is composed of 22 arcanes, different from those that make up the traditional Tarot, which inhabit the same universe baptized as Laguna. In its free and personal interpretation lies the "magic" that opens any door.

The TAROT DE LAGUNA does not guess, but helps you to better understand the issues of your personality that may unconsciously affect your destiny. It works through the mechanisms of free association of classical psychoanalysis, and it is also an illustrated work that contains 22 drawings of Bran Sólo, with a book in which you will also find a small initiatory story in verse, along with the meanings and instructions for use.

Tarot made science

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